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Carter Eye Center Reviews

Carter Eye Center is the "Official LASIK Provider for the Dallas Cowboys"

When it comes to your eyes, there is no substitute for experience. At the Carter Eye Center, Dr. Harvey L. Carter has performed thousands of vision correction procedures and knows what it takes to achieve the best possible vision for you – the patient. From the start of his career, Dr. Carter has been a pioneer in the field of laser eye surgery. He was the first surgeon in Dallas to perform the Crystalens procedure for cataracts after the FDA approved it. He was also the first FDA investigator in Dallas to perform a LASIK surgery.

Exceptional service and the unwavering dedication to bring you state-of-the-art eye surgery technology is what set us apart at Carter Eye Center. Reviews and testimonials of our patient´s experiences with us have been wonderful. The Carter Eye Center has been helping Dallas / Fort Worth residents regain clear vision for over 20 years.

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Carter Eye Center Reviews From Around The Web

"Very friendly people at Carter Eye Center!! "

Cel via Google

"my eye lasik was done june 3 n when I woke up on june 4 I was able to see very clear 20/20. Dr. Carter is the best. He does the lasik one person at a assembly line at all. Priscilla n the team rock. I would highly recommend Dr. Carter. "

Bea H. via Facebook

"I really had a great experience with Dr. Harvey Carter. The staff at the Carter Eye Center was great and help me out with all of the questions that I had. I was referred by a friend of mine that had LASIK there becasue she had seen a commercial showing Dr. Carter as the Cowboys LASIK surgeon. She figured that if he was good enough for the Cowboys then he was good enough for her. She was right! He was very nice and made me feel at ease. I am very happy with my decision to have LASIK with Dr. Harvey Carter."

Sally P via Vitals

"Enjoying being eyeglass- free for the first time since 6th Grade. Dr. Carter has the best staff - hands down - of any medical office I've ever been to. From reception, consultation and all the testing techs and optometrists..such nice people. And most importantly they are thorough with their testing and give you precise instructions pre-and post surgery."

Bob B. via Facebook

"I had LASIK surgery at Carter Eye Center on thursday evening, the surgery only took a few minutes and there was no pain or discomfort. The day after my surgery I went back to work and I was even able to go camping this weekend, SO AMAZED WITH THE RESULTS!!! "

Isela S. via Facebook

"I had a wonderful experience with the Carter Eye Center. My lasik surgery was on Friday and my vision was great the very next day! The procedure was quick and painless which made the experience even better. Dr. Carter and his staff were so pleasant and caring. The atmosphere at CEC was very relaxed and professional...more so than another place I had visited. CEC is definitely the place to go to restore your vision. I highly recommend them. Thank you so much!!! "

Jane B. via Facebook

"The staff at Carter Eye Center is always amazing, and Dr. Carter is the best. If you need LASIK, contacts or just a regular eye checkup, go see them! They'll take great care of you :)"

Mandi via

"Dr Carter did my LASIK, and he was great! Being able to see without glasses or contacts is the most amazing feeling. Thanks Carter Eye Center!"

AbbeyL. via

"I have had a truly positive experience with my two surgeries here at the center. I recommend considering the center for any eye care needs."

Jeremey D. via

"I had LASIK surgery at Carter Eye Center on thursday evening, the surgery only took a few minutes and there was no pain or discomfort. The day after my surgery I went back to work and I was even able to go camping this weekend, SO AMAZED WITH THE RESULTS!!!"

Tammy T. via

"I had my LASIK eye surgery yesterday and it is hard for me to put into words how wonderful Carter Eye Center is!!! Even starting at the consultation, everyone was so supportive. They truly care about the results and today I am able to see 20/15 without glasses or contacts. The whole staff including Dr. Carter treated you like family and was there to answer any questions you had and make sure that you felt more than comfortable before, during, and after the surgery. I can't imagine going anywhere but Carter Eye Center for my ophthalmology needs in the future. I would recommend Carter Eye Center to anyone that was even thinking about LASIK, go in for a consultation and I know that you will not be disappointed. It is a life changing experience and I owe it all to Dr. Carter and the Carter Eye Center Staff!!! Thank you Carter Eye Center."

Bryan S. via

"I had my surgery six ago and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Everyone at Carter was great and treated me just like family. Now I have an appt for my 19 yr old son. I would not have taken him anywhere but Carter. He can't wait till his evaluation on the 17th. Hope he is eligible for the surgery and Mom can afford the cost!!!!!!"

Diana W. via

"47 YEARS! That is how long I have had to wear glasses. That is more than half of my life! Not any more! I wend to Dr Harvey Carter at the Carter Eye Center in Dallas, TX and now I am contacts and glasses free. I have no idea as to why I waited so long, I guess because I thought that it was too expensive but then I finally sat down and weighed the cost of glasses and contacts for the rest of my life and I am kicking myself because of how much I could have saved if I would have only have gotten it done sooner. Everyone at Carter Eye Center was super friendly and super helpful. I had my consultation to find out if I was a candidate for the surgery on one day and then came back to do the surgery on another day. My husband was at the office to drive me home after the surgery. I had to rest my eyes the day of the surgery but the next day, I was seeing perfectly without glasses. Thank you so much to Dr. Harvey Carter and the Carter Eye Center. You have made me a very happy lady!!"

PenEr via

"I just had my Lasik surgery on April 22 and it could not have gone any better! I was very nervous and the nurses and Dr. Carter made me extremely comfortable and relaxed before the surgery. The next morning i woke up feeling 100% and i didn't have to fumble for my glasses to make it to the bathroom, i could see perfectly! It is amazing!!!! The day after my surgery i was seeing better than 20/20 and was told it will only get better! THANK YOU DR. CARTER! This surgery has changed my life!"

Rachel W. via

"I too worked as a technician at Carter Eye Center approximately 15 years ago, and have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for Dr. Carter and his staff. When visiting this office, expect to encounter the most dedicated, compassionate and well-educated team in all of ophthalmology. You will discover the true meaning of "care" in patient care. Dr. Carter's knowledge, skills, and unique talents have set a gold standard in the industry. It was an honor and a priviledge to have worked for him, and I highly recommend this office for all of your eye care needs."

Tricia H. via

"Carter Eye Center Rocks! I'm glad I chose you guys for LASIK years ago."

Lance R. via

"At Carter Eye Center, the staff was so nice during the whole process, and Dr. Carter talks to you during the procedure to help keep you calm! We live right on Lake Lewisville, and this morning I woke up able to look out my window and see th...e waves on the surface of the water without having to put my contacts in! This is only day one, and my eyes still need to finish healing, but I'm amazed with the results already! Thank you Dr. Carter & Staff!!!!"

Jen O. via

"Dr. Carter, You Rock! Thank you for a great experience! You and your staff are awesome! I am so excited to not wear contacts or glasses after 17 years! Thank You, Thank You, Thank you! :)"

Ashlee K. via

"I worked at Carter Eye Center 15 years ago, and it was one of the best jobs I have ever had. Dr. Carter is such a smart and excellent surgeon that I would recommend him to anybody. I learned so much from him and often wish that I still worked there!"

Jamie J. via



"What a difference Carter Eye Center made in my life. I am a reporter for a TV station and was having a hard time seeing the teleprompter, even with my contacts. The lights in the studio were especially difficult. But I went to Carter and he and his team made it all better. I'm seeing 20/20 and couldn't be happier. Thank you Dr. Carter!"

TVnewsgrl via

"I do not need LASIK but some of my friends and family have bad eyesight. After extensive research, my husband decided to have his LASIK performed by Dr. Carter. Since his surgery, he has referred three of his colleagues and two of our closest friends (from out of state) to Carter Eye Center. Fortunately, they all qualified for the surgery and were able to get it done with a short time frame. My husband, and everyone he has referred, only have good things to say about their experience and are still enjoying perfect vision years later."

jennifersalvia n. via

"I would like to thank Dr. Carter and his staff for all their quality care and professionalism. I am 36 and had to undergo a Crystalens procedure in March of this year. I went from hardly seeing to seeing 20/20! I never realized what I was missing before until I had the surgery. Now everything is brighter, clearer, and the best part, I see EVERYTHING!!! :) I'm a happy patient!"

Christen B. via

"Dr. Carter and his staff were very helpful and nice. And my eye sight? It's never been better! I have recommended Dr. Carter and his staff to several of my friends and family and all have been as happy with their results as I have been! Thank you Dr. Carter and everyone involved in giving me quality eye sight!"

dallas_girl via on 5/10/10

"I have been going to Carter Eye Center for about 2 years. Since I was kid, I have had different eye issue like infections and things of that nature. I first chose them because they are close to where I live but I am really glad that I found them.I go there for my normal yearly glasses prescription but the other day I had an infection in my eye and they were able to see me very quickly. I was so glad because the holidays were coming up and I did not want to be stuck not being able to see a doctor before the holiday.As usual, everyone at the office was very nice and friendly. I am not the kind of person that usually gives reviews but their handling of me getting gin quick before the holidays was something that I wanted to praise them on. I will not go to another place for my eyes. Maybe one day I will bite the bullet and get LASIK from Carter Eye Center but until them, I am very happy with their optical department."

janlev22 via

"Best Investment I've Made could not have asked for a better outcome for my surgery!!! I am seeing 20/20!!! Never thought I could see like this!! Amazing Dr. Carter! Thank you"

Cody via

"On March 4th, my life changed forever thanks to Dr. Harvey Carter. After putting off having Lasik done for over 45 years, I had it done. Everything went awesome! Now I can see 20/20 or better for the first time in my life. My recommendation for anyone I now talk to, do not procrastinate. The proceedure was done in less than 5 minutes. I'd highly recommend Dr. Harvey Carter to anyone that I know."
jmunson76021 on

"I had a very successful LASIK surgery with Dr. Harvey Carter at the Carter Eye Center here in Dallas. The surgery was VERY quick...MUCH quicker than I expected, painless, easy, and I have had no side effects at all. I had the surgery about 6 months ago. The staff was really nice and Dr. Carter was nice too. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that wants lasik surgery."

Dallas H. via

Carter Eye Center Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 28 reviews.

Dr. Carter and the Carter Eye Center have had the honor of performing LASIK eye surgery on many celebrities and sport stars. He is very proud to have conducted these procedures on these celebrities as well as all of his patients. He knows that there are other LASIK providers and is thankful that they trusted him with their vision. Some of the celebrities that Dr. Carter has helped include Troy Aikman, Alan Ball, Lee Roy Jordan, Jason Garrett, Preston Pearson, Dave Campo, Tony Casillas and Joe Juraszek. View the entire list here.

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