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Lip Reshaping

Botox in Dallas Lips are, after our eyes, the most expressive and noticeable feature of our face. They are called on daily to speak for us, and in the process they call attention to themselves with their motion. They are also one of the most prominent features distinguishing a masculine face from a feminine one.

Feminine lips are full, round, shapely - with a pronounced cupid's bow (the m-shaped region of the lips directly below the nose). On the other hand, masculine lips are thin and relatively flat. Our lips lose collagen and shrink as we age, contributing to the popular perception that men often grow more handsome as they age.

Most commonly, lips are reshaped using a technique called "vermillion advancement," where the red part of your lips is made more prominent by removing skin from the area directly over the lips and rolling the red skin up and around to make it more prominent. When this is done, the lips can also be reshaped to correct any asymmetries in the lips, and to give a more prominent cupid's bow.

Women who feel their lips have always been too thin and flat are encouraged to consider Lip Reshaping as a way to let their fun, playful selves show in their faces. Those who once had full lips, but now find they are thin and masculine can generally find remedy in lip augmentation, which can be done either as a permanent treatment using a lip implant, while those who are unwilling to commit to a long-term solution or would like to be able to fine-tune the level of augmentation will find a injectable fillers a great solution.

A number of injectable fillers may be used to enhance the fullness of the lips by reducing the deep wrinkles around the lips, thereby pulling lips back into the configuration they had when you were younger. Consult our pages on Restylane and Radiesse to learn more.

If you are interested in having the full, fun lips you had when you were younger, contact the Carter Eye Center in Dallas, Texas today to schedule a consultation on Lip Augmentation.