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Jasmine Allen – Travel Blogger & Influencer | LASIK Patient

“I got LASIK last month and it has changed my life. If you’re interested in LASIK read here to learn all about how I finally made the decision! The condition I had was called GPC, short for Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis. From my understanding of GPC, I had little bumps underneath my top eyelids caused by inflammation from my contacts. When wearing contacts, I could feel them- they felt thick and would sometimes slide around. The normal remedy is prescribing daily contacts- but I was already using dailies. I also had a prescription gel that I’d apply to my eyelids at night, which was expensive and a hassle to use.”

To learn more about Jasmine’s experience with LASIK, what to expect before, during and after; useful advice for post-surgery; and, how Dr. Carter helped her with this life-changing experience, visit her blog here to continue reading.

Former NFL player Jared Smith

Jared Smith – Former Dallas Cowboys NFL Player & Superbowl Champion | LASIK Patient

“I would do it over and over again. I am really upset with myself that I didn’t do it sooner. This is the clearest I have ever seen and it’s amazing that I don’t have to always wait for my contacts to adjust every time I look. It’s just freeing, I wish I would have done this while I was playing. My advice for anyone thinking about LASIK would be ‘Just do it, don’t even question it, just do it.’ I wish I would have done it 7 years ago when I first did research. It’s not challenging, it’s really easy. I mean it will truly change your life. I highly recommend it.”

Watch a full interview of Jared and Norm Hitzges from The Ticket Sportsradio – who also had vision correction surgery here at Carter Eye Center – by clicking here.

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Ryan VanZandt – College Student & Tech Enthusiast | LASIK Patient

“I’ve worn glasses since the second grade and it’s been something I’ve been familiar with for as long as I can remember. I hadn’t thought about LASIK much until recently and couldn’t be happier with the decision I made to go through with it. Let me tell you, I see better than 20/20. Although, its only been a week since my procedure, the relief of not dealing with the hassle of glasses and bad vision overall has impacted my life greatly. I loved the care and the direct attention I was given at Carter Eye Center. The process was so smooth and easy, my results are amazing! Thank you so much!”

As a college student and a fan of “anything computer-related or techy,” Ryan knew his life could easily be enhanced with improved vision. Just one day after his LASIK he was seeing 20/20 and a week after he then had 20/15 vision!

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Trung Pham – Little Elm Police Officer & Lucky in LASIK Winner | LASIK Patient

“I came in for a consultation and was 50/50 about getting the surgery the same day. After speaking to Ashley, I made my decision to do it. Ashley was great, the office staff is warm and welcoming, Dr. Carter is awesome and personable. Overall the process was excellent. I feel like my vision is the same as if I was wearing contacts. I enjoyed and would do it again with the same staff. I also liked that the office has Bob, who can help transport patients to make things easier.”

Being a police officer, Trung is highly dependent on his vision. He decided to visit us for a consultation and found out that he would be our Lucky in LASIK Winner of free LASIK. We thank you for all that you do for our communities, Trung! If you know someone that is a local hero in your community who needs LASIK, send them our way. We offer a special “Heroes” discount for military, first responders, and teachers!

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Bryan Golden – Avid DFW Sports Fan & Outdoorsman | LASIK Patient

“So happy I went to see Dr. Carter at Carter Eye Center! I no longer have to put my eyeballs in every morning and take them out every night. No more hassle. The world is much more beautiful now along with the people in it. Thanks, Doc… oh and the staff is absolutely amazing!!!!”

We want to help our patients improve their vision for not only the bigger events in life, like a trip with your buddies to the mountains, but also for the simpler things like catching the Cowboys game. Bryan couldn’t have said it better – putting your eyeballs in and out each day is inconvenient and we want to help!

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Cyndi – Frequent Golfer & Loves Gardening | Dry Eye Patient

“For years I have dealt with dry eyes, allergy eyes and the dreaded allergy season. I finally made an appointment with Dr. Carter who suggested a couple of minor procedures to treat my chronic dry eye. I am happy to report such an amazing difference now. Today, I am outside, playing lots of golf enjoying the spring season with no issues whatsoever. So grateful to Dr. Carter who expertly changed my years of discomfort!”

Not only do we want to help improve their vision through the various vision correction procedures we offer, but we also want to help our patients improve the comfort of their eyes. Especially during the spring and fall seasons, allergens are abundant here in Dallas-Fort Worth. Visit us to see how we can help put an end to your itchy, irritated eyes through our dry eye treatment options.

I cannot tell you how comfortable this place will make you feel. As soon as you walk through the door, you feel like family. Same day appointment and same day procedure thanks to Tammie. I wouldn’t have been able to make the appointment but she worked it all out! I highly recommend Dr. Carter…he was wonderful and funny!

Bailey G.

This was an excellent experience from beginning to end! I sent an email asking some questions and received a response from Tammie that same day! They worked with my schedule! I made a consultation and procedure appointment for the same day! This was excellent since I don’t live in the metroplex! All of the staff were very professional and kind! The man that I worked with first was so kind and calming! I really appreciated him! Thank You, Dr. Carter, for your professionalism and expertise!! The ONLY thing I would do differently is, Do It Sooner!!!

Gaylene T.

The staff & doctor were fantastic! I am glad to have thought of this. I have several co-workers now wanting to get LASIK! Thank you, Dr. Carter and the absolutely fantastic staff! Best, my vision is awesome!

Corina A.

My mom had her cataract surgery in 2003, and ever since, every ophthalmologist who has examined her since, says it’s the best cataract surgery they have ever seen. Now that I need cataract surgery I wish I was able to have Dr. Carter.

Shannon S.

I had my LASIK Eye procedure a month ago. I’ve been wearing glasses for the past eight years and after doing the procedure, I drastically saw the difference in my vision. It was quick, painless and showed fast results. It was such a life-changing experience and I can’t thank Dr. Carter enough.

Chloe L.

Many national and regional celebrities and sports stars choose to have Dr. Carter perform their LASIK vision correction procedure. Any of these people could have gone to any LASIK surgeon in the country, but they chose Dallas’ own Dr. Carter.

Dr. Carter is happy that so many celebrities have chosen Carter Eye Center for their vision correction procedures, but he is even prouder that every day more informed people from the Dallas Metroplex choose to have laser eye surgery at Carter Eye Center.

These NFL legends trusted their eyes to Dr. Harvey Carter

Troy Aikman
Tashard Choice
Daryl Johnston
Orlando Scandrick
Alan Ball
Lee Roy Jordan
Jason Garrett
Preston Pearson
Dave Campo
Tony Casillas
Joe Juraszek

Bill Bates
Eric Bjornson
Joe Avezzano
Willie Broughton
Robert Newhouse
Chad Hennings
Michael Myers
Mike Lucky
Ernie Mills
George Teague
Tony Tolbert

Randal Williams
John Niland
Bennie Wylie
Jamar Toombs
Mike Zimmer
Rich Dalrymple
Norm Hitzges
Babe Laufenberg
Jamal Brooks
Tim Seder
Tim Denton

Other Celebrity Clients who have trusted their eyes to Dr. Harvey Carter

Tamara Casillas
Janie Pearson
Brian Jensen
Brian Custer
Tara Watson
Yanci Yarborough
Curtis Fuller
Doug Lytle

Diane Johnston
Patrick Cote
Ron Chapman
Melanie Ismail
Elizabeth Langenbrunner
Mike Burger
Diann Avezzano
Jeremy Beutler

The Carter Eye Center Staff is ready and willing to answer your LASIK questions. The Personal Counselor program at Carter Eye Center provides a “reason to believe” in the power of vision correction.

We don’t have to tell you how important your eyes are. That’s why we can’t stress enough the importance of choosing the right eye doctor. We urge you to exercise the same care and consideration in choosing your eye care provider as you would when choosing a family doctor. Now, here’s just a few reasons to choose Carter Eye Center for your exceptional LASIK experience:

  • Advanced LASIK Technology
  • Patient Care
  • Results
  • Experience and Expertise
  • Affordability and Value
  • Skill & Training
  • Caring Staff
  • Mutual Respect
  • Commitment to Education

Choose Carter Eye Center for Exceptional LASIK in Dallas

We want you to know when shopping for eye care, the lowest price in not always the best value. At Carter Eye Center, we believe that trust is the most important factor. While we have the experience, skill and technology to achieve the best eye care results for you, we believe the doctor/patient relationship is the number one reason you, like so many Dallas/Ft. Worth residents should choose Carter Eye Center. Personal care and individual attention are what set us apart from other eye care providers. Our goal is not only to improve your vision, but also to ultimately enhance the quality of your life. When you consider all these factors, we are confident you will make the intelligent choice – Carter Eye Center.

Whether it’s LASIK, Crystalens® or another state-of-the-art eye care procedure in Dallas, Texas, we’ll find the best vision correction option for you.

Find out for yourself! Email us or call Carter Eye Center at 1-214-750-1962 and invest in your vision and your life.

Join the list of the thousands who’ve improved their vision with LASIK from the Dallas vision leaders at Carter Eye Center. Call or Email us today for your FREE LASIK consultation and discover the freedom of uninhibited eyesight.

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