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Something strange starts happening when you reach your 40s, or sometimes, your 50s. Suddenly, you can’t see print as well as you used to. Even if you’ve never needed glasses before, you might find that you suddenly struggle to read the text on your phone, your book or computer screen, a menu, food labels.

It is about this time that many people begin to have to purchase store-bought reading glasses. Can you relate? Maybe you have multiple pairs; a pair for work, another for home, a pair in the car and maybe another on your nightstand.

This vision condition is common. It’s called Presbyopia or Over-40 Vision and most everyone will deal with it at some point. Thankfully, the vision experts at Carter Eye Center are equipped with presbyopia treatment solutions at our Dallas-Fort Worth clinic (beyond reading glasses!) for your over-40 vision challenges.

Presbyopia Explained

This age-related vision condition reduces the ability of your eye to focus on near objects. It occurs when the lens inside your eye slowly loses its flexibility, making it more difficult to focus up close. Diminished reading vision cannot be prevented with lifestyle changes, vitamins or diet. Truthfully, you can’t avoid it. Because presbyopia is an age-related condition, just about everyone will deal with it at some stage. The team at Carter Eye Center can help with presbyopia treatment in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Symptoms of Diminished Reading Vision

Presbyopia develops gradually and most people first notice these signs just after age 40. Symptoms include:

  • Having to hold reading material farther away to read it comfortably
  • Blurred vision at normal reading distance
  • Eyestrain or headaches when reading or doing close-up work
  • Symptoms can worsen if you are tired or in low-light settings.

How is Presbyopia Diagnosed?

At Carter Eye Center, an assessment of your reading vision is part of every comprehensive eye exam. A comprehensive eye exam includes tests to evaluate your eyes for the presence of diseases and for vision disorders including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and over-40 vision. Your pupils will also be dilated to allow Dr. Carter to better examine the inside of your eye.

If you are over 40 and experiencing any of the reading vision symptoms mentioned – or even if you’re not – an annual comprehensive eye exam at Carter Eye Center is the first step to treating reading vision issues.

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