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Are You A Candidate?


LASIK Eye Surgery in Dallas

In other words, is LASIK right for you?

The most important step in the LASIK process is determining if LASIK is, in fact, right for you. Our goal at Carter Eye Center is for every patient we serve to enjoy their best possible vision. If you’ve heard of someone who did not have a good outcome with LASIK, it is almost always an issue of candidacy.

Ideal candidates for LASIK at Carter Eye Center are patients who:

  • Want clear, natural vision
  • Wish to be free of dependency on glasses or contacts
  • Need excellent vision for vocation or sports
  • Don’t suffer from an autoimmune disease
  • Are over 21 years of age
  • Don’t have chronic eye diseases or conditions, such as amblyopia (lazy eye), keratoconus or glaucoma
  • Don’t take drugs or undergo therapy that suppresses the immune system
  • Don’t have unstable or uncontrolled diabetes
  • Aren’t pregnant or nursing
  • Don’t wish to become pregnant within the next six months
  • Have had a stable prescription for at least a year
  • Don’t have severe dry eyes
  • Don’t have a history of excessive scarring
  • Are willing to follow through with all post-operative appointments
  • Clearly understand the risks of LASIK
  • Have realistic expectations

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Only after a thorough eye evaluation which includes several diagnostic tests, will Dr. Carter be able to green-light you for LASIK. Schedule your FREE LASIK consultation today!

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