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Blade-Free LASIK

IntralaseCarter Eye Center and Dr. Harvey Carter are proud to be the first and only eye center in Dallas to offer patients the unsurpassed safety, precision and accuracy of the iFS IntraLASE Femtosecond laser. This all-laser approach is so refined and predictable that it is the only method of LASIK approved by both NASA and the U.S. Military. The new iFS Laser is also now making it possible to treat patients who may have previously been told they were not candidates for LASIK due to thin corneas or dry eyes.

The IFS Laser™ is a completely bladeless method of LASIK. To create the corneal flap – the important first step in the LASIK procedure – the iFS uses advanced light energy that is virtually painless. The IFS Laser™ can create a corneal flap within 10 seconds or less, which helps reduce the overall time it takes to perform LASIK. Enhanced treatment times means faster visual recovery for patients. It also means less stress on our patients and reduced fear and anxiety.

Dr. Carter can now create cornea flaps with pinpoint accuracy that are truly customized for each patient’s particular vision needs.
If you’ve been waiting for the next-generation LASIK technology – or have been told you are not an ideal candidate for LASIK – please call Carter Eye Center at: 214-696-2020.

Blade Free Lasik

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For more information on IntraLASIK and other vision correction procedures at Carter Eye Center, contact us online us or call Carter Eye Center at 1-800-950-2020 for a LASIK consultation. Choose LASIK in Dallas with tens of thousands of LASIK procedures patient at a time!