5 Things to Expect After LASIK Surgery


Surgery always sounds scary. The thought of having to spend long periods of time recovering while you cope with the pain of healing and possibility of complications can make anyone think twice about whether or not the surgery is actually worth it.

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However, LASIK is widely regarded as one of the safest and most successful surgeries that is performed, and recovery is generally a fairly easy experience. The overwhelming majority of patients end up with 20/20 vision or better following the operation and are very rarely plagued with any serious complications.

Recovering from LASIK is a very important thing to discuss during your consultation, though it is usually a very simple process. Recovery starts right after the surgery and can last up to six months, though it becomes significantly easier after just a couple weeks. Here are a few things to know about LASIK recovery before you have the procedure.

1: You will need a ride home.

It may seem obvious, but nonetheless, it is important that you have a ride arranged to take you home as you will not be able to drive. Whether that ride is from a friend, a family member, or a taxi service is up to you.

2: You will rest for about 15 minutes after the surgery.

After going through LASIK, you will need to briefly rest while your eyes begin to become accustomed to their new way of seeing. You will most likely have to wait in the operating chair before the doctor releases you.

3: Within 30 minutes the anesthetics will have worn off.

Your eyes are numbed with special eye drops during the surgery. Once the anesthetic loses its power, you may notice a dull burning and discomfort in your eyes. This is normal, but any severe pain during any stage of recovery should be reported immediately. This could a sign of complications after LASIK.

4: You will have a follow-up appointment within the first 2 days of recovery.

This will allow the doctor to check for any hard to spot problems, as well as monitor your progress. It is very important to attend this checkup, as well as any others that may be scheduled. It is much easier to treat a problem before it gets out of hand, so early detection is crucial.

5: You will have to be extra careful with your eyes for several weeks.

Your eyes will be in a fragile state for a few weeks following the surgery. Part of the LASIK treatment is creating a hinged flap in your cornea that is lifted and then replaced. This flap can be prone to lifting and tearing off, which makes it very important for you to resist rubbing your eyes. Using eye drops can help with the discomfort, even if your eyes don’t feel dry. You will also need to avoid getting water and debris in your eyes as they will be more susceptible to infection. In general, you should not swim, lift heavy objects, play rough sports, or wear makeup for a few months. Other limitations will be discussed during the consultation.

There’s no doubt that recovering from LASIK is inconvenient, but you’ll hardly be able to think of it when you consider all of the countless ways your life will improve without the need for glasses! Ready to schedule your LASIK consultation with Carter Eye Center? Contact us today!

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