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Dallas LASIK Superstars (and Some Other Celebrities Too)


Do you ever wonder why you’ve never heard of someone famous who had LASIK? The truth is, you know plenty, you just may not be aware. Welcome to the Carter Eye Center tell-all, revealing some of your favorite celebrities who have gotten LASIK in Dallas and beyond!

Dallas LASIK Superstars

Some of the biggest stars in sports and entertainment have had LASIK and it makes perfect sense that they would. The fast lifestyle associated with show business doesn’t have time for glasses and contacts and athletes are constantly held back by poor vision.

While you may not need an assistant to keep your schedule in order or have a job that depends on how often you can sink a free-throw, LASIK could still help you take some of the hassles out of your daily routine.

The Biggest Names in LASIK

LeBron James

There are not many names (or people) larger than LeBron James. Whether you think he is the GOAT or just a fantastic player doesn’t change the fact that this 6’8”, 250-pound behemoth is a huge name in the NBA.

But maybe a tiny fraction of his success could be attributed to his LASIK procedure. Without his glasses, he’s been free to fly by defenders and sink amazing shots through 15 years and three titles.

Brad Pitt

Maybe not quite as high as he used to be on the “Hottest Men in Hollywood” lists, Brad is still quite the looker. Imagine all the wasted potential of Brad Pitt shielded behind a pair of glasses for his entire life. It’s depressing, I know.

And as a movie star, Brad is constantly shifting focus and glasses and contacts would just slow him down. Sound like someone you know? Well, maybe it’s time to consider LASIK.

Weird Al Yankovic

Who would have guessed that a master of parody took his vision seriously? We’ve never seen Weird Al in glasses, but that makes sense considering he’s had successful vision correction.

Like the man’s music or not, he’s a major talent and it’s a good thing glasses never held him back.

Dallas LASIK Legends

This list is special, not just because they are legends of Dallas sports history, but also because they are all patients of Dr. Harvey Carter. That’s right, Dallas LASIK legend Dr. Harvey Carter has worked on many of the names in Dallas sports (check them out here) and here are a few of our highlights.

Troy Aikman

Whether you know him for his three Super Bowls as the Cowboy’s quarterback or from his long time with FOX, you’ve probably heard the name Troy Aikman once or twice. After getting LASIK very early in his career, he never looked back. We can’t imagine Troy in glasses… he just wouldn’t look the same.

Jared Smith

Jared is a former Dallas Cowboy and Super Bowl champ with the Seattle Seahawks. After getting LASIK with Carter Eye Care, Jared has this to say about LASIK, “It’s just freeing, I wish I would have done this while I was playing. My advice for anyone thinking about LASIK would be ‘Just do it, don’t even question it, just do it.’.”

Bryan Golden

Bryan is a little known pitcher for the Tulsa Elepha…

Okay okay, you caught us. Bryan isn’t a sports superstar. But he is a huge fan and loves the great outdoors. And both those passions explain why LASIK was so important to him. Even without the demands of a movie star lifestyle or the needs of an athlete, LASIK has made Bryan’s life easier across the board. From the driver’s seat to the stands, LASIK is great for everyone.

Whether it be getting out on the lake, camping or catching a Cowboys game, Bryan’s life is better thanks to the first name in DFW LASIK.

LASIK for Dallas

So who’s going to be our next LASIK success story? We don’t know, but our first priority will always be bringing great vision to our favorite cities, Dallas and Fort Worth. If your lifestyle can’t stand glasses or contacts any longer, call or schedule online with Carter Eye Center and discover the CarterCares advantage.

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