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Finish 2020 With the Vision You Deserve


Use Your Benefits on Modern Cataract Surgery or LASIK

If your eye doctor has told you it’s time to start thinking about cataract surgery, you might be wondering if you should wait. After all, 2020. The health pandemic is still affecting the lives of people across the country and around the world. But the truth is, now is actually a great time to have cataract surgery and for more reasons than you might think. 

Cataract surgery is an exciting opportunity. At Carter Eye Center, we love to guide individuals through this journey to restored, and possibly even improved, vision. Let’s talk more about why now is an ideal time to have cataract surgery at Carter Eye Center.

Another Layer of Safety

If safety is a concern to you at this time, you’re not alone. Many of our patients share that concern, and here is what we tell them. All our cataract surgeries are performed at a certified Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), not in a hospital. North Dallas Surgicare is a facility that adheres to the highest standards in every category, including cleanliness and safety. Two things we know are on everyone’s mind these days. 

And an ASC is probably the safest place to receive care; perhaps even safer than a hospital. Why? Because ASCs do not treat sick patients. They are highly regulated healthcare facilities held to extremely high safety standards at the federal and state level. 

Here in our Carter Eye Center offices, where Dr. Carter performs LASIK, we always take the safety of our patients and our team seriously. But we have extra measures in place at this time to allow for social distancing. Masks are required at all times, and we have hand sanitizer in the waiting and reception areas.

Maximize Your End-of-Year Savings While Improving Your Vision

If you need another reason to consider moving forward with cataract surgery at this time, we’ve got a great one. By the final months of the year, most people have met their annual deductible, making it a great time to schedule needed medical procedures like cataract surgery (before deductibles reset in January). With your deductible met, your supplemental insurance may very well help pay for more of your procedure costs. 

And if you want to seize your last chance for 20/20 in 2020, let’s get that LASIK consultation scheduled. You could leave those glasses and contacts behind in 2020 and walk into the new year unhindered, with the vision you deserve.

Another year-end tip: Did you know you can use your Flex Spending Account on LASIK? Well, you can! And those funds don’t roll over into the new year, so use them before you lose them! If you’re not sure how all that works, we can help.

The Carter Cares Advantage

At Carter Eye Center, we are proud of something we call the Carter Cares Advantage. It describes the total experience we wish to provide for every patient, every time at Carter Eye Center. 

For more than 30 years, we have helped tens of thousands of individuals enjoy life with improved vision using state-of-the-art technology. The Carter Cares Advantage is our collective commitment to advance vision health for patients who want improved vision for life.

At Carter Eye Center, we are here for you all year long, and we would be honored to safely serve you as we round the corner and close the book on 2020. Make this year memorable for all the right reasons with improved vision at Carter Eye Center. Schedule an appointment today.

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