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How Custom LASIK Has Changed the Game

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While navigating the complex world of LASIK, you have probably noticed the term “custom LASIK” a lot. This is because custom LASIK is the new standard when it comes to getting the best possible results from your surgery. Better vision, a more predictable recovery, and a safer experience are all the result of this eye health renaissance, but what exactly is custom LASIK and how does it set itself apart from its standard counterpart?

Standard LASIK is Less Precise

In the past, LASIK was done without lasers and computers. Surgeons relied simply on the patients’ prescriptions and on an extremely sharp instrument called a microkeratome. They completed the procedure completely by hand, and while the results were mostly successful, the degree to which vision was improved is nothing compared to what it is today. While microkeratomes are still used to perform LASIK today, advanced technology has allowed us to achieve superhuman levels of precision that bypass human error.

Custom LASIK is Exactly What It Sounds Like

Customizing your LASIK experience to your unique eyes is what this technique is all about. Your corneas are like fingerprints —everyone’s eyes have imperfections and abnormalities that affect how light passes through and onto the retina, causing visual problems known as refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, etc.). Custom LASIK aims to eliminate those imperfections better than any human eye could by using powerful computer technology to scan your cornea.

CustomVue Provides Top-Tier LASIK Outcomes

One of the most effective LASIK strategies is called “wavefront-guided” LASIK. This strategy involves the use of an advanced aberrometer called a WaveScan Device to detect all of the visual characteristics of your cornea. The laser is then guided using the computer-generated map to make the changes needed your particular eye.

This technology was actually created by NASA, though it was significantly scaled down to meet the needs of a normal human eye. Originally, the WaveScan Device was developed to detect imperfections on the focusing mirrors of a multibillion-dollar telescope. The slightest imperfection would severely limit the telescope’s usefulness, and such sensitive equipment cannot be brought back from space. Essentially, they only had one shot to get it into orbit.

Dr. Carter uses the same wavefront-guided technology in his Dallas, TX clinic. This allows him to treat a wide range of refractive errors with amazing results. Over 96% of all LASIK patients report experiencing 20/20 vision or better after receiving custom LASIK surgery!

Custom LASIK is an unbelievable upgrade to conventional vision correction. However, LASIK is not always right for everyone. To find out if you make a good LASIK candidate, or if a different procedure would match you better, contact us to schedule a consultation today!

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