January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month | Carter Eye

January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month


It is estimated that over 3 million Americans have glaucoma, but only half of even those know they have it! The National Eye Institute projects the number of Americans affected by glaucoma will reach 4.2 million by 2030; a significant increase. 

At Carter Eye Center, we are committed to educating our patients about this sight-stealing disease, which is the second leading cause of blindness in the world, according to the World Health Organization. We do this by providing the latest glaucoma treatments and management strategies.

All About Glaucoma

Glaucoma is called “the silent thief of sight” since there are typically no symptoms, and once vision is lost, it cannot be reversed.  Glaucoma can cause blindness if it is left untreated. And unfortunately, approximately 10% of people with glaucoma who receive proper treatment still experience loss of vision. Glaucoma, in fact, is the leading cause of irreversible blindness. Among African American and Latino populations, glaucoma is even more prevalent. 

Glaucoma comes in many different forms, but the two main types are open-angle and angle-closure. Both are marked by increased pressure within the eye. Open-angle glaucoma is far more common, accounting for more than 90 percent of diagnosed cases. 

Glaucoma Treatments at Carter Eye Center

The goal of glaucoma treatment at Carter Eye Center is to preserve your current level of vision and to prevent any further vision loss. Treatment can vary, depending on the type of glaucoma diagnosed, the degree to which the condition has progressed and your underlying risk factors, among other variables. 

Glaucoma is a more complex disease than most people think. For this reason, it’s so important to choose a trusted and experienced doctor for your glaucoma management. For most patients with glaucoma, medication alone (eye drops) will be enough to control eye pressure. In some cases, several medications working together are necessary to maintain adequate pressure control. When medical treatment alone fails to sufficiently reduce the pressure, surgery is another option.


MIGS lower eye pressure in a much safer manner with rapid recovery and minimal restrictions. Instead of creating an artificial drain in the eye, they unclog the natural drainage system of the eye and enhance drainage.

The latest MIGS approaches offer several advantages over traditional surgery. They are minimally invasive, nonpenetrating procedures that do not create a permanent opening in the wall of the eye. Additionally, many can be performed either as stand-alone procedures or at the time of cataract surgery with similar recovery, postoperative drop regimen and restrictions of activity as cataract surgery alone. A large majority of our patients can not only achieve independence from glasses but minimize or eliminate/minimize glaucoma eye drops.

Seeing (with the vision you deserve) is Believing at Carter Eye Center

At Carter Eye Center, Dr. Harvey Carter has the training and experience to treat your glaucoma safely and effectively. After careful evaluation of the type and severity of your glaucoma, age, lifestyle and a host of other factors, we will recommend a personalized treatment plan that is customized for your individual needs. Schedule an appointment today.

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