June is Cataract Awareness Month | Carter Eye Center

June is Cataract Awareness Month


June is Cataract Awareness Month. Millions of Americans currently live with cataracts, and many more will develop them by the age of 65. If you do have cataracts, you may wonder if there are treatment options. At Carter Eye Center in Dallas, Dr. Harvey Carter performs laser cataract surgery, helping patients see clearly. 

What Symptoms Should I Lookout For?

Not every person experiences the same symptoms, but commonly experienced symptoms include:

  • Blurry or foggy vision like you’re looking through a dirty window
  • Needing more light to complete tasks
  • Experiencing double vision
  • Seeing things that are white as brown or muddy in color instead
  • Seeing colors as more muted than they should be
  • Needing new eyeglasses or contact lens prescriptions frequently
  • Becoming more sensitive to light
  • Finding it more difficult to drive at night
  • Seeing halos, glare, or starbursts around light

Cataract Surgery At Carter Eye Center

Laser-assisted cataract surgery is done in three easy steps:

  1. A small incision is made on the surface of the eye
  2. High energy sound waves are used to break up the cloudy natural lens
  3. The cloudy lens is removed and an artificial Intraocular Lens (IOL) is put in its place

At Carter Eye Center, we have a variety of premium lens implants (we call them Lifestyle Lenses) that can correct your cataracts as well as reduce (and in many instances eliminate) your dependency on glasses, bifocals and even readers, allowing you to enjoy your lifestyle even more with improved vision!

What Is A Lifestyle Lens?

Although standard cataract surgery has been proven very successful at removing cataracts and replacing the eye’s natural lens with a clear lens, many people find they still need glasses, bifocals or multifocals in order to achieve their best vision. Compared to standard intraocular lenses (IOLs), Lifestyle Lenses greatly reduce or even eliminate the need for glasses after your cataract surgery procedure.

At Carter Eye Center, we are dedicated to offering the latest proven technologies that provide the greatest benefit for you, our valued patient. We are pleased to offer the following Lifestyle Lens options: 

  • Panoptix® Trifocal Lenses
  • Symfony® Lens
  • Crystalens® AO Lens

How Do I Know Which Lens Is Right For Me?

We understand that each patient has different needs. At your initial consultation, you will talk to your doctor about your wants and needs. We offer customized plans to meet your specific lifestyle needs. Here at Carter Eye Center, we have something we call the Carter Cares Advantage. “Carter Cares” is the phrase we use to describe the total experience we wish to provide for every patient, every time at Carter Eye Center. We seek to improve the lives of patients by offering the opportunity for excellent vision.

Other Advantages Of Cataract Surgery

Cataracts can get to a point where it is dangerous to do daily activities such as driving and even going from place to place. People who have cataracts are more likely to fall, which leads to other medical issues. In fact, according to a 2018 study, the risk of falling decreased by 73% after treatment in both eyes. This is why you should regularly get your eyes checked and get cataracts removed as soon as possible once they are detected.

Trust An Expert Cataract Surgeon 

Cataract surgery is one of the safest and most effective surgical procedures performed today, but it’s still important to choose a surgeon with focused training, plenty of experience, a commitment to the most advanced technology and a number of great outcomes. As a board-certified ophthalmologist with more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Harvey Carter has helped countless people regain their vision and their lives using modern cataract surgery techniques.

Ready to learn more about cataract surgery at Carter Eye Center? Schedule your cataract evaluation today.

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