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LASIK is the Best Gift EVER!


It’s not too late to use those flex dollars!

At Carter Eye Center, we’re out-Santa-ing Santa this year. Don’t get us wrong, the latest smartphone with multiple cameras is very cool and noise-canceling headphones are certainly handy. Weighted blankets for napping. That doorbell thing for watching for the arrival of your Amazon packages and/or screening visitors. These are all great gifts.

Woman in Santa Hat with Gift

But sorry, Santa. Carter Eye Center is offering the best gift ever this season and it’s perfect for men and women. What’s the best gift ever, you ask?

LASIK! This laser vision correction procedure has been the most popular refractive surgery in the U.S. for a long time, correcting a variety of common vision problems — and it still is! According to the American Refractive Surgery Council, LASIK enjoys a remarkable 96% patient satisfaction rate, the highest of any optical elective procedure out there!

For someone you love or for yourself, LASIK at Carter Eye Center is a gift for the ages! We promise you, unlike the fuzzy robe, it won’t be forgotten by the new year.

Freedom is a Gift and LASIK Means Freedom!

Patients tell us all the time that the best part about having LASIK is the freedom they experience when they no longer have to hassle with glasses and contacts. Imagine waking up and not fumbling for your glasses just to see the clock on your bedside table. Imagine how much simpler your getting-ready routine could be without having to hassle with putting in your contact lenses. Or falling into bed after a long day and not having to remove and clean those same contacts first. Modern LASIK and Carter Eye Center offers these opportunities and more!

Here at Carter Eye Center, we love talking to people about the life-changing decision to have LASIK. The lifestyle improvements alone are tremendous and due to advances in technology and testing capabilities, many more people are candidates today who were not just a decade ago. LASIK can correct a variety of vision issues including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Ready to chat?

You Can Afford LASIK

Here at Carter Eye Center, financial considerations should not be an obstacle if you desire LASIK. Our goal is to make LASIK affordable for just about any budget. If you decide to finance your procedure, we work with several financial institutions that offer flexible payment options.

And if your place of work offers a medical or flex-spending account, Carter Eye Center is the perfect place to use it! By choosing to use your medical or flex-spending plan toward vision correction, you will be able to take advantage of generous tax-free savings. In some cases, you may even be able to write off your LASIK vision correction as a legitimate tax deduction. We can help you determine all the ways you can save during your free LASIK screening.

See the New Year with Fresh Vision

From our experienced surgeon to our commitment to technology, Carter Eye Center is a trusted LASIK leader in the Dallas-fort Worth Metroplex. Schedule your FREE LASIK screening today (that goes for you, too, Santa!) and prepare to enter 2020 with fresh vision for the future.

Happiest of Holidays from Carter Eye Center.

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