Welcome 2022 with the Vision You Deserve | Carter Eye Center

Welcome 2022 with the Vision You Deserve


Use Your Benefits Life-Changing LASIK

How was your 2021? At Carter Eye Center, we are closing out the year with gratitude; both for our amazing Carter team and for our wonderful family of patients we are honored to serve every day.

Whether your 2021 was all smiles or you’re ready to say goodbye and are looking forward to better days on the horizon, we have a reminder that can have you ending the year on a high note! 

Do you know what’s better than any wrapped gift under your tree this year? Visual freedom! By that, we mean improved vision without the hassles and restrictions of glasses and contacts. So, how can you get your hands on this amazing gift, you ask?? LASIK at Carter Eye Center!

Freedom is a Gift, and LASIK Means Freedom!

Patients tell us all the time that the best part about having LASIK is the freedom they experience when they no longer have to hassle with glasses and contacts. Imagine waking up and not having to fumble for your glasses just to see the clock on your bedside table. Imagine how much simpler your getting-ready routine could be without having to hassle with putting in your contact lenses. Or your getting-ready-for-bed routine without the hassle and time-suck of taking your contacts out and cleaning them? 

Modern LASIK at Carter Eye Center offers these amazing freedoms and more!  

Here at Carter Eye Center, we love talking to people about the life-changing decision to have LASIK. The lifestyle improvements alone are so appealing, and due to advances in technology and testing capabilities, many more people are candidates today who were not just a decade ago. 

LASIK can correct a variety of vision issues, including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. It’s a simple, outpatient procedure that has an impressive success rate, making it one of the most commonly performed elective procedures in the world today. 

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Maximize Your End-of-Year Savings While Improving Your Vision

If you want to seize your last chance for 20/20 in 2021, let’s get that LASIK consultation scheduled. You could leave those glasses and contacts behind and walk into the new year unhindered, with the vision you deserve.

Another year-end tip: Did you know you can use your Flex Spending Account on LASIK? Well, you can! And those funds don’t roll over into the new year, so use them before you lose them! If you’re not sure how all that works, we can help. Add that to our LASIK savings running through the end of the year, and there’s never been a better time to say yes to LASIK!

The Carter Cares Advantage

At Carter Eye Center, we are proud of something we call the Carter Cares Advantage. It describes the total experience we wish to provide for every patient, every time at Carter Eye Center. 

For more than 30 years, we have helped tens of thousands of individuals enjoy life with improved vision using state-of-the-art technology. The Carter Cares Advantage is our collective commitment to advance vision health for patients who want improved vision for life.

At Carter Eye Center, we are here for you all year long, and we would be honored to safely serve you as we round the corner and close the book on 2021. Make this year memorable for all the right reasons with improved vision at Carter Eye Center. Schedule an appointment today.

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