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Why You Should Care About National Eye Exam Month


August is National Eye Exam Month, and at Carter Eye Center we are thrilled to talk about our favorite subject: vision! There are many good reasons to get your eyes examined, and August is the perfect month to do it. August is a great transition month into the start of a new season, one where you should be able to see your best.

National Eye Exam Month might not seem that important, but we can assure you, it is! There are many reasons you should care about eye exams; from early detection of eye diseases to improved performance day-to-day. 

  1. Detection and Prevention. Early detection of eye disease can actually save your sight! Like many medical conditions, early detection is key. It can alert us of Glaucoma or even Diabetic Retinopathy. Both of which can be fatal to your vision if not caught early on. By getting an annual eye exam, we can screen for conditions that have no symptoms. National Eye Exam Month is a great reminder to come into Carter Eye Center and get screened!
  2. Performance. Did you know that vision problems can hinder your overall performance? Whether that be in school, work, or day-to-day life, vision problems can lead to focus and concentration problems. 
  3. Summertime. Have you ever heard of a Pterygium? It is a disease more than likely found in people who spend lots of their time outdoors. Being that it is summertime, people are outside more often, which means they can be exposed to things such as the sun, dirt, wind, etc. August is a perfect time to come in and get screened for eye diseases.
  4. Eye Strain. Post pandemic, working from home is the new normal for many people. Working from home entails lots more screen time, which can actually damage your eyes. Eye strain can also develop with excessive driving (hello summer road trips!) and even out of date prescriptions. This can cause dry eye. At Carter Eye Center, we specialize in diagnosing and treating the root cause of your dry eye. Now is a great time to get screened and have our doctors tell you how we can help. 
  5. Freedom. There are so many great advancements now, thanks to technology, we are able to provide you with more options than ever before. You are able to get your vision corrected without ever having to wear glasses or contacts! Dr. Carter is a trusted LASIK surgeon with decades of experience. Not sure if you’re a candidate? Take our LASIK Self-test to find out!

Seeing Is Believing

We want every patient of ours to experience Seeing is Believing for themselves. From your first pair of contacts or laser vision correction to Middle-aged reading vision help to restore sight after Cataract surgery, Carter Eye Center is your trusted eye care provider for a lifetime. 

Schedule your comprehensive eye exam today and, if you’re interested, schedule your FREE LASIK CONSULTATION! Discover the Carter Cares advantage for yourself. We look forward to seeing you!

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