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Can You Put a Price on Great Vision?

Of course not! Most people can’t imagine life without quality vision, but if your someone can’t see clearly without help from glasses or contacts, you literally incur a maintenance fee for 20/20 vision. Between glasses, contacts, maintenance for both of them, and annual eye exams, your costs can stack up quickly. It’s easy to forget all these little charges, but they really do add up.

So, what if you could make all these hidden costs disappear? It really could be as simple as that with LASIK from Carter Eye Center. Imagine your life free of the little hassles associated with glasses and contacts. That means it’s not only an investment in your sight, but an investment in your life. No matter what you do for fun and for work, life could be better without the sweat in your eye when you workout or the fear of losing your glasses when you look down.

Affordable for Everyone

Part of our CarterCares promise to you is to make our procedures as affordable as possible. Affordable can mean different things to different people. While LASIK may be a drop in the bucket for some, we know that some people have to save long and hard for the vision they deserve. That’s why our complimentary LASIK consultation takes into account your concerns, challenges, your budget and your lifestyle.

Pricing vs. Glasses and Contacts

Let’s jump back to the cost of glasses and contacts. Maybe you’re one step ahead of us here, but go ahead and tally up all of your costs for glasses, contacts and annual eye exams. It’s probably a lot more than you’d considered, isn’t it? It’s easy to ignore those costs, but when you add them all up, it’s easy to see how much you’re really spending.

That’s why, for many people, LASIK could actually help save money. Even if you don’t think you spend much on glasses or contacts, when all those little costs are multiplied by a lifetime of purchases, they become a much bigger cost than you may have considered.

No Hidden Fees

So, we know what you might be thinking: “If I could save money with LASIK, I should go to the lowest-cost practice I can find!” While we commend your logic, you have to be careful because not everyone has your best interest in mind. Here is the big issue with dirt-cheap LASIK.

The Bait & Switch

So you hear an ad on the radio for LASIK at just $250 and think, “Well dang, that’s less than half of what I spent on my new phone! I should go get LASIK right now.” Not so fast. Because when you get there, you might be surprised to find that you’re not a candidate for that specific pricing. And that’s the big secret. While those practices may offer that price to people who qualify, they limit that group of individuals to such a small degree of vision loss that most anyone who actually qualifies is unlikely to have wanted LASIK in the first place.

In reality, The actual amount the average person will spend is likely the same you’ll pay at a practice like Carter Eye Center. In fact, when we’re offering promotions, we’re often actually less expensive. Check out our specials page to learn about our current promotion.

On top of that, our fees are all inclusive and cover everything from start to finish for your procedure. That’s right, we don’t play games. That’s why we offer a price-match guarantee. If you provide a written quote from another provider for your unique vision that offers our same technology, we will give you that exact pricing – maybe even less. That’s how serious we are about providing great vision to DFW.

Quality of Care

Not only is the bait-and-switch a concern, but you shouldn’t be surprised when a company trying to fool you on price tries to short you on quality of care. If a company’s regular (non-sale) pricing seems too good to be true, then it more than likely is. Those cheaper prices are often the result of using inferior (and much older) technology and a focus on patient turnover. It’s not unheard of for discount LASIK practices to continue to use a microkeratome blade to create your corneal flap.

This outdated technology is something that Carter Eye Center strongly suggests against for your LASIK procedure. While these procedures are still considered safe and effective, we believe using the latest technology greatly increases the safety and quality of your procedure. We also believe our patients feel more at ease thanks to our commitment to the latest and greatest technology.

How To Pay

Let’s say you’re excited about LASIK and you trust that Carter Eye Center is the place for you to get it, but you’re still on the fence about how you can afford LASIK in Dallas. Well, step one is to talk to us! We believe that everyone deserves great vision and that means doing everything we can to offer the best financing options possible.

Another smart way to save is to use your workplace’s medical or flex spending account if you have one. This will allow you to pay for your procedure tax-free, which can save you quite a bit. If you need help determining if you have an eligible flex spending account or health spending account, feel free to give us a call!

So there you have it! That’s the low down on LASIK pricing you’ve always wanted. We feel that quality care is incredibly important and should be the number one thing you consider when purchasing LASIK. That said, we understand price is a factor, and that’s why we want you to know everything that goes into our LASIK pricing.

If you’re ready to experience the life-changing power of LASIK, schedule today.

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