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Dr. Carter is committed to providing the latest proven technology for every step of your LASIK journey.

This starts with testing for candidacy. Advanced CustomVue LASIK offers the ultimate avenue for safety, precision and great vision results. CustomVue, a Wavefront-guided treatment, allows Dallas residents to get the benefit of all the latest vision technologies rolled into one highly customized procedure.

Unlike traditional LASIK measurement methods that simply measure the curvature of your cornea, Wavefront enables Dr. Carter to capture even the finest points of your vision characteristics. With this highly detailed level of measurement, we are able to treat patients who may not have been LASIK candidates before.

Next up; the iFS IntraLASE laser. Thanks to this incredibly advanced laser, our LASIK procedure is simple and easy. The procedure is done entirely with a laser; no blades whatsoever. On top of that, the biggest advantage is that the iFS IntraLASE laser works incredibly fast, which means faster recovery and even lower risks.

All this technology combines to create a procedure that is as unique as you and your eyes. Ask us about all-laser LASIK at your consultation.

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