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LASIK Flex Spending

Save up to 30% on taxes by using LASIK FLEX Spending

Reduce LASIK Cost by using your flex spending account

Depending on your tax bracket, you may save up to 30% or more in taxes. Due to new federal regulations on healthcare, in 2014 the maximum you will be allowed to put in your flex spending account is $2500.

What Is A Flexible Spending Account?

A health care FSA also known as an HSA, can reimburse you or help you pay for eligible health care expenses not covered by your health plan. The portion of your paycheck you put into your FSA is taken out before you pay federal income taxes, Social Security taxes and most state taxes. It's a great way to save money. It has been estimated that almost 85% of big companies, and many smaller ones as well, offer these medical and health care spending accounts.

Flexible Spending Accounts For LASIK - Can I use my Flex Spending for LASIK eye surgery?

Under IRS guidelines, laser vision procedures (including LASIK eye surgery) are an eligible FSA expense. Utilizing this tax-free flexible spending money can not only reimburse you for eligible medical expenses such as LASIK, but it can also reduce your out of pocket costs by hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Many people have a flex spending account already developed. If this is your specific case it is vital to use this allocated money. We have heard of many cases where fled funds can be lost if not used by a specific day and time. Please consult with your human resources director to find out about your specific plan. Our practice is happy to coordinate this process to make LASIK more affordable. The LASIK cost should not be a barrier to having amazing vision.

Are There Other Methods to Afford LASIK eye surgery

In the event that you have not heard about patient financing, you can rest assured that Carter Eye Center offers LASK Financing through CareCredit. Care Credit is one of the most reliable patient financing companies and has a history of excellent performance for our patients.

Review of Payment Options

  • Cash/Money Order/Cashier’s Check
  • Credit Card- We accept most major credit cards
  • Flex Spending Accounts - Call our staff to learn more

Patients seeking LASIK eye surgery in the greater Dallas area are invited to schedule an appointment for a free consultation to have questions answered and determine prices and suitability of procedures for their individual situation.