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LASIK Misconceptions

Although LASIK laser vision correction is an appropriate procedure for most people who use glasses or contact lenses, many people think it is not appropriate for them. Most of the time, this is based on a number of misconceptions people have about the procedure. If you think LASIK would be nice but think it can't help you, think again. None of the following are good reasons for not considering LASIK:

"My eyesight is too bad for LASIK."

While there are limits to LASIK, those limits are being pushed back all the time as the technology for laser vision correction improves. The truth is that nearly everyone who wears glasses or contacts can benefit from Lasik with the advanced technology now available. Many patients see better after LASIK than they had with glasses.

"LASIK isn't for people with astigmatism."

The truth is that LASIK can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, AND astigmatism in most patients.

"I'm too young for LASIK."

It's true that LASIK is not for children, or for anyone who continues to experience changes in their vision, but any adult whose vision prescription has been stable for more than a year is an ideal candidate for LASIK.

"I'm too old for LASIK."

Currently, there is no upper age limit to the approval of LASIK treatment. If your vision is stable and you do not have cataracts, you are a candidate for LASIK. Carter Eye Center has also performed Lasik on firefighters and police officers.

"I'll have to wear glasses after LASIK anyway."

The vast majority of people who have LASIK don't need their glasses at all following treatment.

"My job depends too much on my eyesight."

LASIK treatment has been approved for emergency first responders, airplane pilots, and even astronauts. Carter Eye Center has also performed Lasik on firefighters and police officers. LASIK is that reliable. If your vision depends on your eyesight, you can't keep trusting in glasses and contacts that can be broken, damaged or lost when you need them most.

"I've already been told I'm not a candidate."

There are many reasons why people who were not candidates for LASIK in the past are now candidates. Technology and techniques continue to improve, making the procedure available to more people than ever. You may also be a candidate for other laser vision correction procedures, such as Visian ICL or PRK.

No matter what reasons you've been given by your friends or even your doctor for avoiding LASIK, the truth is that the only way to know if LASIK is right for you is to be evaluated by a qualified LASIK doctor.

Call or email us Dr. Carter at the Carter Eye Center, in Dallas, Texas, for a FREE LASIK consultation. You have nothing to lose but your contacts and glasses.

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