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Level Up Your Game with LASIK from Carter Eye Center


LASIK offers the opportunity for visual freedom, and at Carter Eye Center, we love to help people step into that freedom! From individuals wanting to simplify their lives by getting rid of the hassles of glasses and contacts to people wanting to eliminate the inconvenience and time-suck of putting in and taking out contacts every morning and every night. We’ve got them covered. People wanting to focus on their active lifestyle and not on the inconvenience of working out with glasses slipping off their nose and sweat in their contacts? Yes, them too. And how about this one? Gamers wanting to improve their gaming experience with less restriction and more clarity? Yes! We’ve got you, gamers!

Poor Vision: Game Over

Here’s your RTS (real-time strategy): Have LASIK at Carter Eye Center! There are so many ways LASIK could improve your video gaming experience. Consider just a few of the hassles that could be eliminated and benefits you could enjoy after modern LASIK at Carter Eye Center:

  1. No more glasses getting in the way of your gaming headset and smushing the side of your head, causing discomfort
  2. Improved vision! (better clarity, color and crispness all to enhance your gaming experience)
  3. No more dry, irritated eyes from wearing your contacts for a particularly long gaming sesh

Achievement Unlocked: Improved Vision

But don’t just take our word for it. Carter Eye Center patient Ryan V. is a college student and tech-enthusiast who had LASIK. Just one day after his procedure, he was seeing 20/20 and a week after, he then had 20/15 vision!

“I’ve worn glasses since the second grade and it’s been something I’ve been familiar with for as long as I can remember. I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made to go through with LASIK. Let me tell you, I see better than 20/20. The relief of not dealing with the hassle of glasses and bad vision overall has impacted my life greatly. I loved the care and the direct attention I was given at Carter Eye Center. The process was so smooth and easy, my results are amazing! Thank you so much!”

Or how about Connor M. who describes his new post-LASIK vision as like seeing in HD:

“Before getting LASIK, my vision was a significant hindrance. That is no longer the case thanks to Dr. Carter and Carter Eye Center. I now have 20/15 vision and it’s like seeing life in HD!”

Level Up with LASIK at Carter Eye Center

Gamers know that technology plays into results, and that’s certainly true where LASIK is concerned. Here at Carter Eye Center, we are committed to providing the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies, including state-of-the-art laser platforms for all of our vision correcting procedures.

This starts with testing for candidacy. Advanced CustomVue LASIK offers the ultimate avenue for safety, precision, and positive outcomes. CustomVue, a Wavefront-guided treatment, allows our LASIK patients to enjoy the benefits of all the latest vision technologies rolled into one highly customized procedure.

Wavefront technology enables Dr. Carter to capture even the finest points of your vision characteristics. With this highly detailed level of measurement, more people are good candidates for LASIK than ever before!

Next up; the iFS IntraLASE laser. Thanks to this incredibly advanced laser platform, our LASIK procedure is simple and easy. The procedure is done entirely with a laser; no blades whatsoever. The advantage our patients appreciate the most is that the iFS IntraLASE laser works incredibly fast, which means faster recovery and even lower risks.

Seeing is Believing at Carter Eye Center

It’s time to take your vision (and gaming experience) to the next level with LASIK.

Our LASIK self-test can help you determine if LASIK might be right for you! Take it and then schedule your no-obligation, free LASIK consultation today. We can’t wait to serve you.

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