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Fort Worth Radiesse Radiesse is a synthetic, injectable dermal filler made of calcium hydroxyapatite and methylcellulose. It is injected to restore curvature in the face due to a loss of cellulite. Most commonly, this is used for wrinkle reduction, but it can also be used for soft tissue augmentation, such as Lip Augmentation. Calcium hydroxyapatite is very similar to bone material, and methylcellulose is a derivative of cellulose, which is the supporting material that gives land plants their ability to stand up against gravity. Together, the two provide a supportive matrix that provides support and volume for your own tissue to grow and resume its younger shape and tone.

Radiesse treatments are a short series of injections in places affected by wrinkling of the skin or hollowing due to lost fat or fat redistribution. The treatment takes as little as fifteen minutes, and almost never more than half an hour.


For a day or two after treatment, there may be minimal swelling, as well as discomfort and, in some cases, minor bruising. The discomfort can easily be managed by pain medications if necessary, although they are usually very minor. Excessive pain, swelling, or bruising, can be a sign of more serious side effects and should be mentioned to your doctor.

The results of the treatment are immediate, although it may take a few days to settle into its final position. Radiesse injections can last for much longer than other dermal fillers, depending on the location of your treatments, your age, your skin type, and your level of activity.

Depending on the type and location of the wrinkles you wish to treat, you might also be a candidate for Restylane injections as well. In some cases, your wrinkles might best be treated by Eyelid Surgery or an Endoscopic Browlift.

If you would like your skin to again have the youthful volume and curvature it has lost, contact the Carter Eye Center today for your initial consultation. You'll learn just how big a difference Carter Care can make.