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The ReSTOR® intraocular lens is a (IOL) multifocal lens implant used to replace the eye's natural lens for clearer vision.

You can choose the ReSTOR® lens to correct presbyopia or cataracts, so that your eyes can focus easily at both close and far distances. To focus back and forth in that way, the natural lens must change its shape slightly and this is referred to as accommodation. However, after the age of 40, the natural lens becomes less flexible making it difficult for the eye to focus up-close.

Unlike the Crystalens®, the ReSTOR® lens is not dependant on movement of the lens to yield clear vision.

How the ReSTOR® lens works

ReSTORThe ReSTOR® lens uses a method of spreading light, called apodized diffractive technology, as well as refractive technology. Similar technology has been used for many years in telescopes and microscopes to improve image quality. Now it's available for patients of Carter Eye Center who want to see both near and far without glasses.

The optical surface has concentric rings of different focus or power. Clearer distance vision is enabled by the rings nearer the lens' edge (like the upper part of bifocal glasses). Clearer near vision is provided by the inner rings (like the reading part of bifocal glasses).

Advantages of the ReSTOR® lens


  • They're flexible, so Dr. Carter can fold them up and insert them through tiny incisions.
  • Since the incisions are so tiny, you enjoy rapid healing and minimal discomfort.
  • The exact engineering and construction of the ReSTOR® lens has dramatically reduced many of the traditional problems of multifocal lenses, such as:
  • The "near" portion of the lens causing blurriness when you're looking at distant objects and the "far" portion of the lens doing the same when you're looking at close objects.

Dr. Carter has been implanting ReSTOR® lenses to help Dallas residents fight cataract and presbyopia. Call now to find out how this advanced technology may be able to make your life much easier.

Choose exceptional vision care in Dallas by choosing Carter Eye Center. Call or email us today and find out how easy and affordable presbyopia treatment can be. Schedule your FREE vision consultation with Dr. Carter today and find out more about the benefits of ReSTOR.