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Selecting Surgeon

Choosing a LASIK provider isn't complicated, but it does require careful thought and focused attention. Nowadays, there are so many LASIK centers, each touting similar messages: great results, affordable price, the latest LASIK technology.

So how do you know who to trust with your eyesight? At Carter Eye Center, we rely heavily on word of mouth throughout North Texas communities. With more than 20 years of great results, Dr. Carter and his staff have established a thriving practice built on the dedication of loyal patients, who then send in their family members and friends. Who's Had LASIK At Carter Eye Center? But we wouldn't want you to choose us just because everyone else is doing it. Our goal is to help you and our other prospective LASIK patients identify specific points that will give you peace of mind when choosing a LASIK provider. We hope you'll choose Carter Eye Center, but we understand that different features are important to different people.

Use the following questions to help screen your potential LASIK surgeons and centers, to reach a decision that you and your family feel comfortable with.

  • Do you use the latest LASIK technology? (Intralase, VISX Star S4, Wavefront)
  • Do you offer completely custom LASIK? (CustomVue)
  • Is your staff friendly and patient?
  • Will you take ample time to address my concerns?
  • Do you offer affordable financing?
  • How do you provide superior value to LASIK patients?
  • Are you a local LASIK leader?
  • How many procedures have you performed?
  • How long have you been involved with LASIK?
  • Are you involved in continual research and development of LASIK and other refractive techniques?
  • Were you an FDA LASIK investigator?
  • Do you offer LASIK alternatives, like PRK and LASEK?
  • Do you offer treatment for presbyopia?
  • Do you offer testimonials from past LASIK patients?
  • Are you committed to personal service and in what ways?
  • Do you provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere during LASIK surgery?
  • Are you committed to ongoing education within your practice?
  • What methods are used to increase safety and minimize risks?
  • Do you offer comprehensive vision care, including cataract, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy treatment?
  • How do you win the patients' trust?

Experience, technology, personal service, and results. Consider the LASIK leaders other Dallas residents trust. Schedule your FREE LASIK consultation with Dr. Harvey Carter and our highly-trained staff today.