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Carter Eye Center is a comprehensive ophthalmology practice focusing on surgical solutions for a wide range of vision problems. Located in Dallas, Texas, our eye center is dedicated to providing the best customer service and eye care expertise. Carter Eye Center guarantees that your expectations will be met or even exceeded as we provide only the top-notch eye care while ensuring an unsurpassable patient experience. Putting the patient first, the doctors at Carter Eye Center remain devoted to helping you achieve your vision goals. Focusing directly on your individual needs, our doctors will make sure your view for the future is bright and clear. 

We are aware that all patients are unique and, for this reason, we strive to deliver quality services that will fit their individuality and specific medical needs while placing the highest value on all your concerns and utmost comfort. We firmly believe that everyone in the Dallas area deserves only the best, and in order to make it possible, we make use of the latest procedures, equipment, and tools to deliver the best quality eye surgery. We use state of the art technology including the Intralase Bladeless LASIK system and the LENSAR® Laser, the femtosecond laser platform that extends your expertise with exceptional performance across cataract and corneal (LASIK flap) procedures.


Our ophthalmology services include vision correction with LASIK, PRK, vision ICL, Bladeless LASIK, LASEK and wavefront technology for custom LASIK. Our Dallas cataract surgery expert, Dr. Harvey Carter brings a great deal of experience along with a surgical suite containing the best technology. Carter Eye Center offers laser cataract surgery with a no patch no stitch method. In addition to our cataract surgery, we also offer advanced technology implants that enable our patients to see at multiple distances after cataract surgery. If you have glaucoma we are happy to provide a second opinion or if you are diabetic we offer treatment options for various retinal diseases as well.

Service Areas Include:

  • LASIK (vision correction including the Implantable Contact Lens by Visian ICL®)
  • Cataract Surgery (state of the art LENSAR® Laser System for Laser Cataract Surgery)
  • Presbyopia Treatment (Are you over 40 and having trouble reading?)
  • Glaucoma (Call us for a second opinion and to learn about our glaucoma treatment options.
  • Retina (For matters of the aging eye)

Our Experience Matters

Why Choose Carter Eye Center in Dallas Texas.
Your Dallas Ophthalmology Expert

Dallas Eye Surgeon - Dr. CarterSimply put, there is no substitute for experience. With tens of thousands of procedures performed, Dallas Ophthalmologist, Dr. Harvey Carter, knows everything there is to know about achieving the best vision possible. Dr. Carter was the first FDA Investigator to perform LASIK in Dallas and was the first in Dallas to offer other vision correction procedures like CK and Crystalens®, Dr. Carter is a leader at the forefront of surgical eye care. His expertise is unparalleled, and he stands firm in the belief that you should never compromise quality when it comes to your eyes.

Reasons to choose Carter Eye Center for an exceptional vision correction experience:

  • State-of-the-art Technology
  • Patient Care
  • Results
  • Experience and Expertise
  • Affordability and Value
  • Skill & Training
  • Caring Staff
  • Mutual Respect
  • Commitment to Education