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November is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month

An annual eye exam could save your sight! If you have diabetes, you already know how important it is to stay on top of the condition by working closely with your doctor to monitor your blood sugar and overall health. But did you know that diabetes can also have a negative impact on your sight? … Read More

Fall Dry Eye. Why?!?

Tips from the Dry Eye Experts at Carter Eye Care If you suffer from dry eye, you’re probably familiar with some of the symptoms. Just don’t self-diagnose! After all, if you’re not careful, a quick Google search can make you think your run-of-the-mill tummy ache is gallstones. Or your banging headache is something much more… Read More

Are Your Eyes Aging Gracefully?

The Risk of Many Eye Diseases Increases with Age September is Healthy Aging Month. Check out this vision fact about aging eyes:  One in six Americans age 65 and older have a vision impairment that cannot be corrected with glasses or contact lenses.  We know that the risk of eye disease increases with age, yet… Read More

Six Reasons to Care About National Eye Exam Month

It’s August. And if you live in North Texas, you know we’re all just trying to get through these dog days of summer. The back-to-school ads are cute and all, but it’s hard to get excited about fall fashion when the 10-day forecast is nothing but sunny skies and highs in the upper 90s.     August… Read More

Level Up Your Game with LASIK from Carter Eye Center

LASIK offers the opportunity for visual freedom, and at Carter Eye Center, we love to help people step into that freedom! From individuals wanting to simplify their lives by getting rid of the hassles of glasses and contacts to people wanting to eliminate the inconvenience and time-suck of putting in and taking out contacts every… Read More

What Are The Five Most Common Eye Diseases?

People are rightly concerned about the health of their eyes. It’s a good practice to get a Dallas eye exam once a year to protect the long-term health of your eyes, as well as maintain the best vision as contacts and glasses prescriptions can change frequently as you age. Also, a good optician or ophthalmologist can detect… Read More

Six Surprising Facts You May Not Know for Cataract Awareness Month

Test Your Cataract Knowledge Like death and taxes, the more birthdays you have, the more likely it is that you will be faced with cataracts at some point. To a large degree, cataracts are an inevitable part of aging. At Carter Eye Center, we focus a great deal of our practice on the diagnosis and… Read More

May is Healthy Vision Month

Guess how many American adults have never had an eye exam? More than 23 million!  Wow. That’s way too many! Taking care of your eyes should be a priority just like eating healthy and physical activity. Beyond checking to see if you need glasses or contacts, a comprehensive eye exam can detect many of the… Read More

Don’t Trust Your Eyes to a LASIK ‘Assembly Line’

You’ve decided to have LASIK. That’s wonderful! But once you’ve decided you’re ready to enjoy visual freedom without the hassles of glasses and contacts, there’s one more important decision to make: Where will you have your LASIK performed? Important because when it comes to LASIK, it’s important to trust, not just in the effectiveness of… Read More

Meet Dr. Varghese of the Carter Eye Center Family

March is Women’s History Month, highlighting the contributions of women to events both in history and in contemporary society. At Carter Eye Center, we’d like to take this time to shine a spotlight on our own Dr. Ashley Varghese. A valuable member of our clinical team, Dr. Varghese, a licensed optometrist, is well-loved by her… Read More

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